hops planting

Hops planting.

Our new endeavor is to see whether we can grow hops on our farm along with maple syrup and Christmas trees.  We have been planting all last week.  I promised photos and here they are.  Not much to look at yet but you can see why it took time to plant.  You plant rhizomes or cuttings here and not seeds.  Each row has to be laid out so a 14 foot high trellis can be constructed between each two rows with the plants climbing each side of the trellis.  Each pair of rows is seven feet apart between the two with each pair of rows 10 feet apart from the next pair..  Each plant in the row is 3 feet apart.  This is our first time at this so comments about our potential problems are welcome.


Below is a closer look at one row.  The type of hops in that row is on the label “Cascade”.  Each cane stick marks a plant .


Below is a closeup of a rhizome or cutting.  The whitish growth is the new plant starting much like a new potato growing out of potato you have stored for some time.


That’s all for now.  We will post more as things develop.