Christmas tree planting

I know it is hard to think Christmas in the spring but in our Christmas tree business this is where the foundation for Christmas is laid out.  This week and part of next we will plant 1000 new trees to maintain our plantation and replace trees sold last December.  When you buy your tree next Christmas don’t despair the death of a tree as we are planting 1.5 times as many trees the next spring.  Actually we are planting what we call transplants.  They are started in seed beds for two years and then moved to transplant beds for two years where they have more room to grow roots before we set them loose in the big fields with the bigger boys.  So when we plant a tree it is actually 4 years old when we start and will probably grow in the field for another 10 years before harvest.  This is a fast crop for us!  Remember maples grow 40 years or so before we tap them so 14 years is pretty fast for us!  Here is a start to finish picture.  Note the little guy right in the lower right corner as well as in the background.  The tree on the left is only 1 year from its big moment.  More next week.