Maple Open Houses

It has been a typical maple season so far except for the dates. We have a 1/4 crop already and it is not even March yet. Many of my compatriots are thinking a large crop season but I tend to think things should go okay but not necessarily a bumper crop. The frost is not deep in the trees or in the ground and there is little snow cover here so any hot weather will push the trees toward budding (afterwhich no useful syrup can be produced). The weather for the next 10 days does not show any heat waves so that is a good thing.
Our maple open houses will probably come at the end of the season this year which is also as it should be. Traditionally a sugaring off party is a celebration of the maple season and happens at the end of the season when the work is done and the crop made not in the middle of the season when there is little time for a party. We look at our open houses as a celebration as well. Do come and join us if you can. It is free with good samples and other goodies to try. You can tour our sugar house and we will be around to answer questions and show you how everything is done around here. You can also hike in our sugarbush and see how we collect sap. I include an ad for Maple Weekend, which we are part of, where sugar houses across New York State are open at the same time. Dates and times are shown below.