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Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the purest possible maple products at the best prices we can afford. This often means some tough decisions on our part. We continue to offer log cabin shaped cans as containers for Maple syrup even though they are difficult to obtain. We know that cans preserve syrup better over long periods of time; we believe you are buying a luxury product and do not want your syrup to spoil. Circumstances have forced us to pack in plastic for many size containers.  We do use coated plastic jugs for longer shelf life unlike many or our competitors.  Plastic and glass do  provide an easier pouring spout and a convenient handle.

We do not produce our regular maple sugar pieces in molds or pack it in fancy boxes. We feel the most important part of maple sugar is the taste. We can deliver a smoother, creamier product when we cool our maple sugar candy longer than our competitors before we beat it. We have a thicker, creamier product that cannot be poured into molds because of this. We do offer individually wrapped leaf and heart shapes for those customers who want molded candy.  Our competitors often dilute their sugar with cane sugar, thus making their maple sugar cheaper (and, as a result, their packaging more expensive!). We do not dilute any of our Maple products and use only pure Maple syrup in any products we produce.  We believe that the quality of our maple products comes first, and we do everything in our power to keep our prices reasonable and competitive.

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