Cinnamon Maple Cream Cornbread

Cinnamon Maple Cream Cornbread

Michael Spicer

Cedarvale Maple Cinnamon Maple Cream Cornbread at Cedarvale Maple Syrup Co.

We all know there’s no such thing as BBQ without CORNBREAD. But, you’ve never had cornbread until you’ve had cinnamon maple cream cornbread! 

The best BBQ around the country from your favorite backyard pitmaster’s, Dinosaur Bar-b-que in Syracuse, to true southern BBQ, and all the way to Kansas City BBQ would all be elevated with Cedarvale Cinnamon Maple Cream. No matter the cornbread recipe...just add cinnamon maple cream instead of butter. Have you ever tried the cinnamon butter at Texas Roadhouse? It’s incredible right? Well, cinnamon maple cream out competes their butter everyday of the week. (FYI our maple cream does not contain dairy). 

So whatever your favorite cornbread mix or recipe is, we highly recommend you serve it with cinnamon maple cream on top for your next backyard BBQ, restaurant BBQ, or any meal with cornbread! Don’t have a favorite recipe? Check out this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction by clicking the link: recipe. Or make it easy on yourself and buy a ready to bake mix like we did. We used Krusteaz Southern Cornbread mix (here is the link: cornbread mix) but any mix will work. To purchase Cedarvale Cinnamon Maple Cream click the following link, we recommend about 1/4 lb. for every batch: cinnamon maple cream

Cinnamon maple cream cornbread ingredients

The key to the perfect Cinnamon Maple Cream Cornbread is to spread a hefty amount of cinnamon maple cream on top and serve large slices! We hope you love this new cornbread topping as much as we do and that it elevates your next BBQ experience!


  1. Bake cornbread using your favorite recipe or cornbread mix. Simply follow the directions on the recipe or box. No need to do anything special when baking the cornbread.
  2. Spread on top a hefty amount of Cedarvale Cinnamon Maple Cream
  3. Serve big slices and enjoy the best cornbread BBQ has ever had!


Mhhmm Delicious cornbread. Best ever cornbread for bbqBest cornbread for bbq

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Eating Cedarvale Cinnamon Maple Cream