Maple Sriracha Sauce Bacon Bites

Maple Sriracha Sauce

Michael Spicer

Maple Sriracha Sauce

By: Michael Spicer aka “Maple Mike”

I have been searching for a new sweet and spicy sauce to experiment with in a variety of dishes. It took me some time before I realized the perfect sauce was right in front of my face the whole time! I am a daily Sriracha user and of course love maple syrup…why I had not thought of this incredible combination sooner is a mystery. 

This recipe is by far the simplest recipe I have ever made! It requires two ingredients, maple sugar and Sriracha, of equal parts and that’s it. If you would like to sweeten the sauce up a little I recommend adding extra maple sugar. I first tried this new recipe on pieces of bacon for an appetizer and OMG! The Maple Sriracha sauce caramelizes the bacon perfectly and makes for the perfect appetizer with cheddar cheese. 

Secret Sauce (Maple Sriracha Sauce)

For the Sriracha sauce I used the most common one found at any local grocery store and you can purchase Cedarvale Maple Sugar on our website or at our brick and mortar store. We hope you enjoy this recipe and please share with us how you experiment with this Maple Sriracha Sauce recipe. 

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Time: 5 mins

Difficulty Level: It’s too easy not to try!





  1. In a small bowl add Cedarvale Maple Sugar and Sriracha and mix until combined.
  2. We recommend heating the sauce just to the point where the sugar dissolves and the sauce has a smooth texture.
  3. Enjoy on your favorite meats, vegetables, or whatever your heart desires. Don’t forget to share it with us!