Head to the house to find Stop 1 to begin the tour!

 Stop 1: Maple Syrup Season...

Maple Season lasts from February to March, only 6 - 8 weeks long.


Please continue up the path to find STOP 2. 

Stop 2: The Tapping Process

How to tap a maple tree.


Please continue up the path to find STOP 3. 

Stop 3: Sap Collection

Cedarvale Maple taps 2000 maple trees each year.


Please continue up the path for the final stop in the sugarbush, STOP 4.

Sap 4: Sap to Syrup

The boiling process...

It takes 40 - 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.


 Head back towards the sugarhouse to find STOP 5.

Stop 5: Different Color & Tastes

Different Tastes and Colors of maple syrup.


 You can find STOP 6 closer to the breakfast station!

Stop 6: Beyond Breakfast!

Maple Syrup is for so much more than pancakes!