Pure Maple. Happy Table.

About Cedarvale Maple Syrup Co.

The History of Cedarvale Maple Co.  

In 1977, a then 23-year-old Karl Wiles was inspired by the ability to make a living off the land he and his family inhabited. With no prior experience he began tapping the maple trees on his property and shortly after established Cedarvale Maple Syrup Co.

As a recent college graduate with an economics degree, Karl had limited knowledge of the industry and looked for the most efficient way to get started. He connected with a sugarhouse owner who was retiring, purchased his equipment, and began operating a full-scale maple syrup company.


After just a few years, Cedarvale Maple Syrup Co. was a fully operating sugarhouse and Christmas Tree Farm with a loyal following. As one of the only maple syrup producers at the time, Cedarvale quickly gained recognition as the local favorite, adorning gift baskets and kitchen tables for the families of Syracuse, NY and surrounding communities year round. 

In 2011, a then 11-year-old Michael Spicer was on a 5th grade field trip when he was inspired to start making maple syrup himself. Shortly after, he began tapping the over 100 trees in his own backyard and by 18-years-old was producing enough product to sell at local farmers markets. 

When it came time for Karl to retire, he knew he didn’t want to turn the family business over to just anyone. Given his up-and-coming presence in the industry, many peers and mentors alerted Michael to Karl’s interests in selling Cedarvale, the very place Michael’s family had been purchasing Christmas trees his entire life. After a few weeks of productive conversations over a winter break, Michael found himself operating a company more than twice his age as a college athlete (and fellow economics major) in his sophomore year. 

While Michael has an exciting vision for the growth of Cedarvale including new products and local events, he fundamentally understands the importance of the quality of the products and the local feel of the business. These are the things that have kept customers coming back time after time.  He and Karl look forward to blending those values with new experiences, together. 

Our Purpose

Since day one, our mission has been to provide an experience for the community that supports us and our purpose is driven from knowing that our products bring people together. From sitting around your dining table to the foot of the tree on Christmas morning, being invited into your homes to be part of your memories is something we’ll never take for granted. 

While we love serving our Upstate New York neighbors who have always supported us, as the years have gone by our community has expanded beyond our backyard. Today, from coast to coast, we’re honored to bring the joy of our trees to your homes. 

Our process to create our maple syrup products is as simple as possible. We believe in bringing you the highest quality products we can sustainably make, from tap to table. Our fully sustainable processes include wood fired evaporation and electricity fully solar powered to maximize quality while minimizing our carbon footprint. And by selling our products directly to you in the simplest and most efficient packaging, we minimize additional costs so you can insure you not only have the highest quality, but the best price. 

We invite you to visit us year round for an enchanting experience filled with sweet, nostalgic aromas of fresh maple and rustic displays of unique speciality gifts for everyone on your list. 

Afterall, Pure Maple, Happy Table.