Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes are made just for us, with our own custom-designed maple scene on a white box. These boxes are quite sturdy; we have such confidence in them that we will replace any items that spoil or are damaged in shipping. These boxes are completely recyclable, with no styrofoam or plastic packing of any kind. We regret that we have only a limited supply of quart cans for packing maple syrup at this time. Some of our gift boxes do now allow you to substitute a quart can for a quart plastic jug. Other boxes only are offered with plastic jugs. These quart cans have our own wraparound label similar to our jug label.

You may specify either old fashioned or buttermilk pancake flour for any gift box shown. There is no additional charge for buttermilk pancake flour but there is a $1.00 additional charge for old fashioned as the price of buckwheat flour has shot up.

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