Maple Syrup

Our Maple Syrup is all 100% Pure, Grade A New York State Maple Syrup. Unless you specify otherwise, we package and ship Amber color, rich taste Maple Syrup, as this is what most people prefer. However, we will package and ship Light color, delicate taste or Dark color, robust taste Maple Syrup in your order at no extra charge in the larger sizes (grade choices are included when you order the larger containers).

Syrup color coincides with particular flavors just like the differences between red and white wine.  All the syrup grades have the same amount of sugar and all are made the same way.  Some people prefer darker color, heavier flavored and some prefer a lighter color,more delicate flavor.

We offer our delicious syrup packed in plastic jugs and glass as well as log cabin shaped cans. The quart and pint plastic jugs offer more convenient pour spouts.

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